Eggs & Breakfast


Fat Guy For those of you who don't know me I go by Grumpy. I have been a Professional cook for about 40 years. I received my Master Chef Certificate in Pastry from the School of Culinary Arts in Aviano Italy (a small town and comune of province of Pordenone at the foot of the Dolomites mountain range in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, northern Italy). In 1968 then went back in 1971 and received an additional Master Certificate in Soups and Sauces.

As I started on this incredible weight loss journey I realized that while there are indeed many recipes for Bariatric surgery patients out there, they are not in a centralized location. I decided to compile another cookbook designed to place some recipes in a Bariatric cookbook. Most of these recipe’s are my own creation, but there some that I have gleaned elsewhere. I have made no effort to give credit to any particular recipe nor do I claim any particular recipe as mine.

Here are some sample recipe’s from my weight loss cookbook. Files are in PDF Format and will open in a new window, recipes are formatted to print on my standard size A5 recipe cards ~ depending on your printer they should print recipe on one side and picture on the other side.

Here are some sample recipes for eggs.

Weight Loss Maintenance Dangerous
Eggs Golden Rod   X  
Grumpy's Omelet X X  
Cream Cheese Pancakes X X  
Ham Potato Quiche   X  
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