My first experience was that of a young boy seven or eight years old. I was stricken with appendicitis I remember being taken to a dirty dark red brick building but it seemed pleasant enough. I was in a room all-alone and they would not let my Mom & or Dad stay the night with me. I remember being in a lot of pain and very frightened. Once I got to sleep all off a sudden the worst possible of all possible nightmares came to life. This absolutely HUGE (remember, this is remembered through the eyes of a terrified seven year old) Demon of a nurse promptly pulled my pajama bottoms off and forced this larger than life syringe my direction. She gave me a shot of penicillin on my right hip. I screamed and jumped, this reflex action caused my hip to tighten up and break the needle off in my hip. The “Demon Nurse” proceeded to use vile vulgar profanities at me and spank me on top of the broken needle. I don’t recall how long this went on (it seemed like hours) but as I remember by the time the Dr. came to my rescue I had not one but two broken needles in my hip. Still to this day I do not like a shot in the hip and have nightmares of the experience.


The next hospital stay / surgery was my first foot surgery. I had bone spurs removed from both feet in the brand new Cottonwood Hospital. In fact I was the 25th patient in the 25—bed hospital. When we checked in the day before surgery as was done back then there was not a room for me so I had a bed in the hall, with the reassurance that I would have a room after surgery. I recall that I really did want to watch the operation but the Dr. told me that I would have to be asleep. I remember a nurse coming to give me a shot in preparation for the surgery. I asked why I needed the shot and was told that it would help me relax and sleep through the operation. I was not able to convince her that I was going to be awake for the surgery, and the shot was administered (in my arm). I did everything I could think of to stay awake. An orderly came bay later and noticed me being awake and sent another nurse to give me “the shot”. Again I was successful in staying awake but was VERY hyper. When it was time I was wheeled into the operating room and I saw a nurse coming at me and realized that I would receive yet another shot if I were awake. I quickly pretended to be asleep. Next I recall hearing the Dr. asking for a scalpel, I leaned up and said “OK Doc cut a straight line now.” I saw a scary looking mask placed on my face and that was that.

Probably due to all the medication given to help me relax I had a real difficult time coming out from the anesthesia, I remember being face down on the bed and for some uncontrollable reason I was rubbing my nose against the pillow. I rubbed all the hide off my nose and for a long time after that had a very tender snout. As I was waking up my mom was at my bedside and I remember telling her that I had a problem, “I was going to have surgery on my feet and so I needed to get my stockings off.” She assured me that I had, had the surgery and that what I could feel on my feet were the bandages. I started to again rub my nose against the pillow. I also remember being very nauseated coming out of the anesthesia.

Back then the kept you in the hospital for an extended period of recovery time. I was in the hospital about 10 days, and terrorized the place. My roommate and I would listen to the radio and call in to win the contests. We would have wheelchair races one time we actually went outside and raced around the hospital with the nurses chasing us. I fell in love with my nurse she was a doll named Barbara. She had some sort of party planned for me on my 15th birthday. Both she and I argued with the Dr. and my parents saying I wasn’t well enough to be discharged but alas I was released on the evening of October 3rd the day before my birthday. I will never know exactly what the “big surprise” was but I always suspected that it involved kissing. Because she had hinted that she had romantic feelings or me as well and she really wasn’t that much older than I was as she wasn’t actually a nurse yet but a nurses aid studying to be a nurse. Many years later when I worked at Alta View Hospital she was he head nurse on the medical floor. She didn’t remember me and that was fine because she had grown to be a rather cold and bitter person, I was always sorry for her after that and wondered what had caused such a change from the young nurses—aid I remembered.


The next hospital visit that I recall took place in San Diego November 1970. I was in Boot Camp. I woke up one Sunday morning and had received a bed bug bite on my left thigh. I had a welt that was VERY tender it had a white head about the size of a pinhead when I went to breakfast. By the time I got back from breakfast the whitehead had grown in size to about a nickel. We had to go to church and by the time I got back from Church the thing was about the size of a silver dollar. I got permission to go to sick call and had to walk across base to the dispensary. I got there showed them my leg which was now swollen about twice it’s normal size and bright red and rather hot to the touch. They had me sign a consent to amputate form and were preparing to amputate the leg to prevent the poison from spreading through my body. I told them that I would not allow them to amputate my leg until after I had received a blessing. The Dr. was very upset about it but I was not to be swayed. There were a couple young missionaries in the clinic and they came to see what they could do for me. I explained that I needed a blessing; they apologized and said that they didn’t have any oil with them and could not give me a blessing. I remember exactly what I told them,

“You see that Dr. standing there with the gruff look on his face? Well he just sharpened his saw and is going to amputate my leg unless you lay your hands on my head and give me a blessing. I don’t care if you have any oil or not, lay your hands on my head and bless me so that I don’t lose my leg.”

They gave me the blessing and at the end of the blessing the infection was 100% gone and the Missionaries and I walked back to my barracks. “I’ll bet that neither one of those young men were ever caught without oil again.” I wish I had recorded their names but I didn’t so life goes on.


Another time in San Diego, 1972 I was sent to Balboa Navel Hospital via ambulance (over kill I didn’t need an ambulance). I arrived there and they must have known how “non emergency” I was as I lay there on the gurney for several hours before being treated. In fact I was not treated I got tired of the wait and walked out. I was there for feet problems and was able to walk out. I got in considerable trouble for walking out but I think someone at the hospital also got in trouble for not seeing to me sooner.


I have had several surgeries on my feet in the past 12 years all of which have been outpatient things and of no significant consequence.

The most notable in 1987 I was having severe problems with my toes the best thing I can call them is “hammer toes” but in actuality they were not hammer toes but rather a birth defect which is hereditary proof that I am a direct line descendant of King Henry VIII. The problem with the toes is that the middle joint in the toe is upside down. I went to many Dr.’s requesting satisfaction with no success. Finally out of desperation I went to the Dr. yet again (I had to work within a HMO called ) and once again was told there was nothing he could do for me, I went out to my car got my rusty axe and returned to his waiting room removed my shoes and announced that either he take care of the problem or I would remove the toes there in his waiting room. I explained that if I did it with my rusty axe he would have one heck of a mess to clean up. He realized I was serious and relented and preformed the surgery. During the surgery I was only partly under anesthesia and I distinctly remember feeling 2 of my toes being sawed off and I had the sensation of them flying across the room.

The procedure was that they cut my toe off on both sides of the joint turned to joint over so it was no longer upside down then fused my toes. The procedure for the most part was successful except for my little toes which would be removed at a later date.

On December 24th 1996 when both of my little toes were removed. It felt so good to have them gone I was walking around without the use of crutches or cane that afternoon. When my Dr. found out he was displeased and warned me I had to stay off my feet even if they did feel better.

Although I have severe balance issues now with the loss of my toes I am sure glad they are gone as the pain went with them.


On November 2nd 2004 I had my index finger removed from my right hand. The reason for this surgery was because when I was a boy (about 11 or 12 years of age) I was assisting my dad to pound in some fence posts for some project he was doing for the church I believe, anyway I was using a sledge hammer with a short handle and over shot the post (using my finger to drive in the post). The finger was broken and repaired but did not properly mend and always gave me difficulties. In my early military life I started participating in “bar room brawls” and broke my finger a number of times. I also broke it two or three times in married life. It was stiff and sore and always in the way. I convinced Dr. Douglas Burroughs to perform the surgery after being turned down by several other Doctors all of whom admitted that amputation was probably the best option but didn’t feel comfortable performing the surgery for one reason or other.

right hand before right hand after right hand final


On Thursday March 17th 2005 I had a total knee replacement on my left knee. The surgery was preformed at T.O.S.H. (The Orthopedic Surgical Hospital), which is an auxiliary of Cottonwood Hospital. The surgery was successful and apparently went with out any complications. I was discharged from the hospital at approximately10:30 a.m. arriving home at about 11:00 a.m. At about 1:15 p.m. I called 911 because I was having EXTREME chest pain and couldn’t breathe; I arrived at Jordan Valley Hospital via ambulance about 1:30 p.m. TediAnn & Tyler followed about 10 minutes behind. The Dr. told me at about 3:30 p.m. that I had defiantly had a coronary problem and he was admitting me to the hospital. Tyler went home about 8 p.m. at about 9 p.m. TediAnn went home to get my CPAP machine and other things that I would need for the stay in the hospital. About 10:30 I had to almost yell to get any attention I was still in the ER on that durn gurney (that was at least 4 inches shorter than I am and probably 5 inches narrower) that I had been on since my arrival. I complained rather loudly about the pain my leg was in and still being on the gurney. I told them I was told at 3:30 I would be admitted and here it was 10:30 and I was still here. About that time they decided to move me to ICU. They took off at a dead run (remember the gurney was way to small for me) it was very uncomfortable and I was very upset that they didn’t even offer to help TediAnn carry all my personal effects and CPAP machine in fact just the opposite one of the nurses (who had nothing in her hands) turned and tried to tell TediAnn that she would have to wait in the lobby. I immediately told her that was not going to happen and that TediAnn was coming to the room with me, I also mentioned something about the nurse assisting TediAnn in carrying some of the items.

While in the hospital I was not allowed any pain medication for my leg and when I asked for something I was told to stop bothering them about my leg. I could live without my leg and should not mention it again.

I was transferred to Pioneer Valley Hospital for angioplasty surgery. I was so glad to be out of Jordan Valley Hospital. The angiogram showed that I did in-fact have a heart attack and have a small amount of heart disease. Upon further tests it has been determined that I have Coronary Arterial Disease.

When I went in for my one month check up my Dr. (not a member of the church) said

“You must have had a Priesthood Blessing because there is nothing wrong with your heart."


On May 12th 2005, I fell while in Albertsons shopping for my medications and landed on my knee. At first I didn’t think I needed to see the Dr. but as time progressed I realized I needed to see the Dr. The X-Rays showed that I had cracked my kneecap. Then on Sunday October 9th I fell again shattering the kneecap. I had surgery Thursday December 1st to replace the kneecap and repair the other parts of the knee that were damaged. The surgery was successful and I am walking somewhat better now.

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On April 11th 2011 I had total knee replaced on my right knee. For the most part the surgery went very smoothly with no complications. I was very pleased with the recovery time as I was able to go back to the temple 21/2 weeks after surgery and I no longer use my cane to walk.

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On March 6th I had Lasik Eye Surgery at the Hoopes - Alldredge Vision Institute The surgery went very well and I now have what is called mono-vision. This was a new and interesting experience for me and the first time I have ever been asked if I would like to have my surgery recorded video. I am now pleased to say that I have a DVD of my eye surgery. As of the date of this writing I am still not used to not having to change glasses when I sit down at the computer or get up from the computer. But it sure feels good not to need glasses.

I was planning to have a jumping up and down party and destroy my glasses but instead opted to donate the glasses to the needy.

brealine k

back x-rayOn Monday December 8th 2008 After my Granddaughter Ambers 1st dance recital I slipped and fell on the ice, then again on Tuesday morning December 9th I slipped and fell again. A combination of these 2 falls resulted in a broken back. Largely due to being overweight there is nothing they can do to fix my back except Physical Therapy to attempt to strengthen my abdominal and back muscles hopefully giving my back the support it needs to prevent further damage. Click here or on x-ray to see a larger view.

Today January 30th 2008 I had spinal injections which will hopefully ease the pain in my back.

As of July 12th 2012 I have had a total of 8 sets of injections on my back. They are VERY helpful.

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I believe in Miracles

I have had COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) for 8 years, not only is it impossible to reverse COPD but the effects of COPD are also non reversible. This is the largest reason I wear oxygen, Every year I have a pulmonary function test to determine and keep track of my COPD. Last year the result said ďseverely critically terminalĒ (COPD is responsible for about 80% of all death by lung disease). Last Wednesday (August 8th) I went in for my annual pulmonary function test and they didnít believe the results so the retested me got the same result and still didnít believe it so they tested me a third time with a different machine. The result is that my COPD is 100% reversed and 100% of the effects are 100% reversed, medically the only evidence of my having COPD is my previous health records.

The Dr. could not explain the absence of COPD so I explained it to them, I said the reason my COPD is gone is four fold:

  1. I had a Priesthood Blessing,
  2. I serve in the temple,
  3. I have my name on the Prayer Roll at the temple,
  4. I have family and friends praying for me.

Then I said I really donít care if you accept that or not but I know that is the reason. I do have a mild case of Atelectasis, which is a collapse lung this is relatively easily reversed and cured usually with weight loss. I explained to my pulmonologist that I have advanced Barrett’s esophagus and will be having a radical gastric bypass in a couple weeks. His response was “we are essentially finished that will totally cure you and you can go off the oxygen after you have lost 20 pounds.”

I was diagnosed with Barrett's esophagus last October and have been undergoing several different approaches to treatment. I am finally at the point of surgery. My Gastroenterologist has advised that I go to Rocky Mountain Associated Physicians for surgery. The surgery I am having is an expanded gastric bypass, (expanded because they will remove the cancerous esophagus and stomach). But it is in fact barbaric surgery which is weight loss surgery. My expected weight loss will be approximately 200 pounds over the next year.

Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday September 11th 2012 at St. Marks Hospital. My expected stay is 2 days and 1 night. the entire process is done laparoscopically. After surgery my stomach will be what is referred to as a pouch and will be 2 ounces in size. So that means that I will be limited to 2 ounces per meal for at least a year after which time I can slowly stretch out the pouch to hold about 8 ounces. I will be on a stringent diet for the upcoming months. There are some notable side effects to the surgery over and above weight loss which will help my heart, wonít hurt my hips, knees ore feet. My back Dr says it may cause some problems for my back but he has given me some exercises to avoid any complications, it will cure my diabetes (they say that in most cases the diabetes is 100% gone on day of surgery), as noted earlier I will be able to go off the oxygen I donít plan to take oxygen with me to the hospital (they have oxygen there if I need it).

As with any surgery there are possible complications but I feel strongly that this is a good way to go. I have decided to post before during and after pictures.

September 7, 2012
Day 1

I am calling today "day 1" because I went to the hospital this morning and am now officially weighed in and scheduled for the surgery. Once again I emphasize I am having this surgery due to advanced Barrett's esophagus. One of the side affects of this surgery will be weight loss.

My pre-surgery weight is 438. The first thing that you will notice on my next picture will be no more oxygen. You may also notice that I have lost a little weight.

October 7, 2013
after 1 year

I'm not sure why she used a flash for the front view and no flash for the side view but here are my one year pictures. At almost 13 months after surgery you notice that I am indeed without my trusty oxygen tank and I have lost some weight.

My pre-surgery weight was 438 and as of October 7, 2013 I weight 186 for a total weight loss of 252 pounds. If you look at my watch I have taken 2 links out of the band and where it was tight on my wrist it is now extremely loose and my wedding band used to take 20 - 30 minutes to get off will now actually fall off if I am not careful. I intend to get new wedding bands as a Christmas present.

The surgery was VERY successful the Barrettes Esoughous is 100% gone, it took 2 weeks to be completely off the medication for diabetes but I am off the meds and my A1C is 5.3 (anything under 5.5 is considered diabetes free)

brealine k

I had some unusual growths on my head and went the Dr. to see what they were and found them to be skin cancer. I have posted a pictorials account of the surgery here. My reason for putting the pictures on a separate page is because some of the pictures are a little graphic and some may not want to see them.