My name is Thomas Boyd Wilson. Birth CertificateI don’t know why the name of Thomas was chosen but Boyd was from my father’s best friend at the time who was named Boyd. I remember that as a child I had a crush on Boyd’s daughter. As I was growing up originally my parents called me Boyd, later they started calling me Tom. My Grandma Ipson would always call me Thomas. Grandma always had a gentle voice and when she called me Thomas it made me feel very important. When I joined the military in 1970 I was nicknamed “Willie” short for Wilson. I took several part time jobs while in San Diego. I used the name “Willie” for military, and “T” for civilian. If the phone rang and they asked for Tom or Thomas it meant someone wanted to sell me something, if they asked for “Willie” it had to do with the Navy, if they wanted “T” it was something to do with work, church or a friend.

Mom & Dad do not approve of the nickname “T” and wish I would start going by Tom. The reason I started using the nickname “T” is that growing up and attending school two years behind my older brother Wayne I was referred to as “Wayne’s Little Brother” in school. I didn’t want to be “Wayne’s Little Brother” or even “Wayne’s Brother” I wanted to be me, so Tom or “Wayne’s little Brother” failed miserably in school. I didn’t want good grades because Wayne had good grades. I wanted to do some of the same things Wayne did because they interested me but I failed once again because I was doing them as “Wayne’s Little Brother” Once I got the nickname “T” I started to excel. Most of my family call me either “T”, “Dad”, “Grandpa T”, or “Gramps” but Mom & TediAnn call me “Tom”.

My deaf friends mostly all call me Tom I and when I pressed TediAnn to find out why she wouldn’t call me Tom she explained the most common sign for Tom is the same as the sign for toilet and she doesn’t want people thinking she is married to a toilet. So now if someone calls me Tom it is usually someone from the deaf community.

As Nephi of old said I was indeed born of “goodly parents”.Mom & Dad

They taught me the Gospel both by word and example. I do not ever remember a time when either of my parents have done anything that was contrary to the teachings of the Church.

Although mom and dad made it a point not to be public in their romantic feelings, I don’t recall ever seeing a couple who were more in love. Dad would have done anything for mom without a moments hesitation and likewise Mom would have and did do anything for dad.

I was born during the 7th game of the World Series on October 4th 1952 in Provo Utah to Rex J Wilson & Lena Ipson. I am not sure if my mom has forgiven me yet for interrupting the series to be born, my mother being a big baseball fan and all. Truth be known I don’t believe a woman could love a son more than my Mom has loved and continues to love me.

My Dad baptized me on November 13th 1960 in the Pleasant Grove Stake Center. Baptisim CertificateI remember on that day I was playing with my friend Mike Simmons and his sister Kathleen. At that time a lot of the games we played together were not really appropriate for young boys to be playing with young girls. On this day I felt very uncomfortable playing those games because I was being baptized later that day so instead of playing I took my pogo stick and jumped around the block 8 times (because I was 8 years old).

After the baptism we went to the Polar King and I was allowed to have a banana split. Making me feel VERY good.

A banana split is, was, and always has been my favorite desert. One time when I was home on leave from the Navy I was bored and driving through Provo I spotted a Baskin Robins Ice Cream Parlor, I went in for a banana split. Banana SplitI noticed the sign on the wall stating that the state record was 9 banana splits. I asked the gal behind the counter what the prize was if I broke the record, she replied that if I broke the record I didn’t have to pay for them but if I fell short I had to pay the tab. I asked the time limit and it was just that I had to eat them all without leaving the store. I told her to bring them on. I was finishing number 32 when I noticed that it was almost time for me to go pick up my date — you should have seen the look on the on that gal’s face when my date and I showed up for banana splits a short while later. I have no idea if or when my record was ever broken but I enjoyed setting it.

I married TediAnn Ercanbrack on June 14th, 1974 in the Ogden Temple. Due to a miscommunication or misunderstanding and other natural causes, I was late for my wedding. Wedding Picture

The wedding was scheduled for 9:30 a.m. our guests were told to be at the temple at 9:00 a.m. We thought that the 9:00 a.m. arrival time was for us as well as the guests. (I now know that the temple requests that the Bride and Groom arrive at least one hour ahead of guests.)

I had a flat tire on the way to the temple and had to stop in American Fork and change the tire. We got stuck behind a large truck in the freeway which had a “high load” that would not fit under the underpass at 33rd South. Ogden TempleSo I arrived at TediAnn's home later than I planned to find out that she had just returned home from having her hair done had not yet showered. She couldn’t get into the shower because her dad was showering. We arrived at the temple about 9:15. I have NEVER felt so rushed in my life as I felt that day in the temple. I knew that they loved and appreciated me but I was so rushed I don’t actually recall much of what happened that day. The one thing I remember is that just before going up to the sealing room the Sealer came to me and asked if I thought TediAnn would understand him. I told him that she might but probably would not. Unfortunately she did not understand him. When it came to the part where she was suppose to answer “yes” she didn’t respond and so I told her to say “yes” which she did and the guests all kinda chuckled.

We have been blessed with 4 wonderful children and 2 exceptional daughters in law:

    1. Tyler ~ Cheryl
    2. Todd
    3. Travis ~ Jamie
    4. Tami

I am pleased in the men the boys have grown into and the lady Tami has become. At the time of this writing I have 9 beautiful grandchildren:

    1. Danielle, born October 16, 1997 (Travis and Jamie’s daughter)
    2. T.J., born April 16, 1999 (Travis and Jamie’s son)
    3. Joshua, born September 19, 1999 (Todd’s son)
    4. Amber, born March 11, 2002 (Tyler and Cheryl’s daughter)
    5. Mindi, born December 10, 2003 (Tyler and Cheryl’s daughter)
    6. Jennie Lena, born July 30, 2006 (Tyler and Cheryl’s daughter)
    7. Kenneth Rex, born August 11, 2008 (Travis and Jamie’s son)
    8. Connor Takayuki, born October 17, 2010 (Tami’s son)
    9. Miya Takayuki, born May 17, 2012 (Tami’s daughter)
    10. Jessica, born December 17, 2013 (Tyler and Cheryl’s daughter)

It has been a great joy in my life to be able to tend T.J., Danielle, Amber, Mindi, Jennie, Ken and Jessica on a regular biases. I don’t get to see Joshua very often but I think and hope he knows of my love and appreciation for him. Tami doesn’t come around and so I have never had to opportunity to meet Connor or Miya, but I love them and their mom dearly.